Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Monday evening to Wednesday morning

I went to the maritime museum Monday, and coming back I found the pocket of my coat all open and no more keys.

All my keys were together: entrance and the car too.

First reaction: they were stolen! Someone will go and take all my important belongings from me, or at least, all he thinks he can sell.

I could not rush home, so I did not go until the evening, opening the door with my son's key to my place and trembling before : what I'll find there.

No one has visited.

Next day, I did not dare to go out.

I called the museum, perhaps I did lose the keys there. "We'll call you back." Agonizing day. They did call back in the evening : ' We found nothing."

Now what?

I drawn myself listening to a book on CD, a book I liked.

Early in the morning I knew that I'll have to go out today. At 5 am I decided to give a last chance to my coat and my keys, before acting on the loose.

I took out all fro; all the many pockets then tried to feel everywhere, inside.

I found my keys almost near the sleeve, of the pocket that I found opened. I did not investigate how it could have gotten there, but I have them, I have them.

All the agony I suffered for nothing - for 38 hours!

All I imagined in my head. All the insecurities in caused.

What was it good for, all that happened to me?

A lecon, said my grand son.

A story made of it, I say>

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