Friday, February 5, 2010

Spark London podcasting my tale

This month, the website of Spark London is featuring my tale, the personal story I told in October before a live London audience:

Now or never was the theme of the evening.

In the story, I recounted how I started from Paris, in fact Argenteuil, near Paris, and my first days, months in London.

Spark London is a personal storytelling event held in a theatre, for the moment "Canal Café theatre" but they are looking for a bigger place, as there are always more then 60 people who wants to buy tickets, and no more place towards the end.
Listening to it again, from October comes back to me my performance and the audience's reaction: what a joy! Having taken the courage to go out there and tell my tale, a tale, with the reflectors on me and the public in shadow and dark, was my real "accomplishment" for last year.*

They edited it better, but you can listen to it also from here!

Spark London - personal storytelling (true stories told from the stage)
1 March - lost and found
7 April - Home
28 April Faith (I'll participate there)
5 May Under cover
18 May Workshop, your stories

They have also a youtube presence and a story on video here/
What a charming story and storyteller!

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