Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I subscribed to Storytelling in a Box, by Doug Lipman. The first lesson is about listening.

How important it is to have a listener of the tale not only a teller of it. And not only once we learned to tell it but also in the way to learn it, and even in the stages of creating it, sometimes.

We tried it out yesterday, with Richard.

I listened to him telling me about his next speech, and he listened to my tale with morale that I have to tell tonight. Then, I told my tale to my grand son and my grand daughter each in turn and all the three gave me also some very useful advice.

They also gave me confidence and the occasion to practice.

Tonight, I'll tell the tale to my Toastmaster's group in Greenwich, at this occasion, I will try to listen more to my audience's reaction. That 360 degree is what is so enchanting in storytelling. That is from where it came the great pleasure I felt almost a year ago, telling my first tale.

There is such a strong communication, human, warm energy going between us!

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