Thursday, February 11, 2010

The impossible dream

Man of la mancha, "the impossible dream song" with the Lyrics

the impossible dream, from the Man of La Mancha studio cast recording, sung by Ron Raines.  

Found on, theses two remind me of the great spectacle I have assisted in Maryland USA, by an amator but extremly professional actors, singers. Most of all, that song got to me, enterred my heart, soul and mind, and never left me.

So many times, I have been told "impossible, only in your dream could you achieve this!" and so many times, by standing my ground, persisting, working through it anyway, I did achieve what I put before me.

Non always, it is true, but most of time. And sometimes, I had to wait very long to achieve it. But I knew that I could, and that was the most important.

Did it change something in the world? I am not sure at all, but most of the time it gives courage also to others to put out "impossible" seeming goals and go for it.

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