Sunday, February 7, 2010

Littlelondonobservationist interview

Stephanie arrived in London from New York, not much before me, and she is a journalist and artist.

She interviewed me for her "A London Artist" Sunday note, and chose photos, some of them I almost forgot, from my "Londoners" set on flickr. Of course, now there are more then 1000!

This one she did not choose, but it is also one I like, a young student I met at Saint Pankras train station, going home to Xmas in 2008. Technically, she would not be "Londoner" or is she? So many of us are here, having arrived from somewhere else!

For me, "Londoner" is anyone I do meet in London, as "Parisian" were all the people, met in Paris, etc.

Read here, the Interview in the Little London Obervationist, and look at the photos chosen by her. I would not have chosen the same but I love her choices, they give me a new look at my photography!

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Julie. It was fun putting it all together. I have to say there are many more photos that I wanted to add, but couldn't add them all!