Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I love Ireland

Blue House Drops....Feb.2010 from Southampton, no Ireland, but it could be there. I borrowed this image from my flickr friend, who so often visits my images, and comments them too.

Looking at her images, Ontario seems a lot nearer!

Back to Clare County, in Ireland.

I have read three books by Nora Roberts, Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame, the tale of three sisters, and most of it taking place in that part of Ireland. After reading them, I felt I would like to discover also that part of the world, for myself.

For years, I planned.

Finally, I bought myself a trip, for my 70 years anniversary. It was not meant to be. At the last minute, I was announced, there was no place, and proposed some other date.

It took me two other years to get there, this time, with someone other from Flickr, who come from New York. We toured Clare county for ten days in a rented car. I become to love it, also I feel, I did not had the opportunity to discover all I want for there.

Next time.

These days, I listen to the books read by an Irish born man, some of it told with the Irish song like accent by Fiacre Douglas. In how many different accents and voices he can tell the story!

Also, I am resenting that they cut some of the book, and did not give me the whole version, and part of it I do not understand at all why, I am enjoying it a lot, because of Douglas' way of reading it.

Listening to the books I read and read again, I dreamed them and the Ireland it depicts, the small village and the warm inn, the fields and the lights, is a bit like looking at the blue house throught the rained window.

You can see the other pictures of the same blue house from bevcraigwhite, on flickr, who goes there year by year to take a photo of it.While she expressed what she felt, this image expressed best what I felt this morning, after having listened two hours already to the "Born in Shame" the third of the trilogy.

Listening, decided me to go back to Clare, Eniss, and Tulla, etc. by my own, and without someone telling me what is or not interesting. Here is a link of few images I have taken around there last time.

These are the images from one of our last days, when I was chasing to find a village and a pub as in the book. Other images will follow.

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