Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speak to me about love

From blog to blog, from video to video, I found some very old interpretations of that very romantic song: "parlez-moi d'amour".

In my opinion, a song like that is more "Valentine" then a diner in the restaurant, or a trip abroad, or a gift, as I heard yesterday tell. Declaring love, giving a flower. Listening to this music together - and even, dancing slowly to it.

Humming it. 

"Speak to me about love, tell me you love me,
Even if I do not believe in it any more, I still want to hear you say it" of course, there is a lot more, lot more romantic too.

Lucienne Boyer: parlez-moi d'amour 1930

vous savez bien qu'au fond je n'y crois rien, pourtant...
mais malgré moi je veux y croire

"you know that in fact I do not believe in it, but,
despite myself, I still do want to believe in it

And that was song, before me, also already almost 76 was born.

And a man did sing it also, those old old times ago, sometimes 80 years ago, and it arrives to us from a very old kind of disc I believe.

Carlos Gardel "Parlez moi d'Amour"

Speak to me of love, song in English by Barbra Streisand

in English, but I do not like much this interpretation

After the second war, by Juliette Greco on scene

Here is a fairly recent one, as this romantic song will never go "out of date".
Dayna Kurtz: parlez-moi d'amour

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