Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After so many times

Tonight it is the 30th project used to speak at the Toastmasters club, but I have spoken in my clubs and other neighbour clubs a lot more times already.

If I add in the count the storytelling in the Cafe Canal Theatre and elsewhere in London, and even Manchester, the number goes up even more,

I am sure, almost, that I will be confident enough to make the lsiteners enjoy themselves, when I deliver it. Enjoy myself also doing it,

So why then I tremble?

I woke up so many nights thinking different versions of it and yesterday it all came out finally differently - so I could write a funnier version of it. I liked how I finaly found some equivocal expressions with double meanings and punchlines, My lectures of Stand Up comedy books begins slowly to pay,

Nevertheless I feel for the moment not yet the confidence I need to put in it tonight, but I have a whole day to rehearse it yet before me and I will,

At the end, just enjoy myself, because that is what it is most felt by those listening and then they can let themselves enjoy too,

I did really enjoy that last manual The Entertaining Speaker, who in fact was I do believe the first advanced manual writen, as in my old, 33 years ago CC manual its first chapter, project is included,

One day, I will come back and repeat it,

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