Saturday, April 2, 2011

Area Competition

So much went on at the competition that was invisible, organized by Matt, Meridiam speakers president. A wonderful toastmaster, president and human being.

He was my mentor for my first speeches at Meridiam speakers club. Meridiam speakers meet every second and forth Tuesday at the Spanish Gallion pub center Greenwich.

The International Speech contest in the Area, was gained by Malachi, a Toastmaster from Croydon Communicators,  with a speech intitled "keep going". We heard so many touching or interesting speeches!

The Evaluation Contest's firt price was to Chris, from Lewisham speakers, but so many others have spoken and evaluated superbly.

It was a superb afternoon, indeed. It is always worth to go to a contest.
Here are only the first portraits I could upload. Another set of the rest of images taken tomorrow.

It was also great to meet all the people who arrived from five different clubs.

The worst, for me, was that someone took a picture of me, with my camera, as I was sitting, tired. I did not realise I looked like a porc! I really have to loose my stones I gained till arriving in London!

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