Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little square in Granada

December, two years ago I went for 5 days in Granada, Spain.

I rediscovered the pictures taken there yesterday, as I emptied an old memory card I found in a drawer.

Great memories !

This small square was not far from our hotel and the center, but in a "hidden" corner of a narrow street. There are many things to discover in Granada city! With time, I will come back and see which of the pictures - too many almost - taken at that time, I did not "use" or show when, very tired, I came back.

Tired, because the last trip lasted a lot, as the snow begun to fall in Madrid and our flight was again and again put for farther in the night, with no one to give us advice. At the same time, I lost the friendship with was just begining, between me and the one I went to travel. We had different views of how to behave in necessity.

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