Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Citi criers

Toward City Criers
That is the entrance to Citi criers, at Citigroup centre, directly from the Underground at the Canary Wharf.
A very nice group of Toastmasters, where I have been already twice.

Thursday, will be the third time.

I am preaparing again a speech, this time not a "Romance in Paris" but the tribulations of a naive 77 year old lady at the Stand-up course of the School of Comedy. There is much to say, and I think I can also say it with humour, now that it is finished.

The only problem now is take out, all that is not needed for my speech point: speak relative to the audience. "Romance the room" said one book in its title. I did, and succeeded. But how, there is the tale. And perhaps the lesson is "get out of the club and try different audiences", to really understand what "different audience" means.

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