Saturday, April 23, 2011

I died two years after my Icebreaker

this is not the best video, nor my best speech, so why should I put it here?
- a better version of the same comes from Dailymotion who transformed it with better resolution -
but at the same day, same hours, where I delivered that target speech who taught me not to speak when I am embarassed or to speak just staying calm and ejoying the experience, I learned so much from Fredie Danniels workshop on evaluation that a few days later I got the Best Evaluator award in my club!

I begun to learn something, as I understood that besides giving a sincerre but friendly feedback, depending on the level of the speaker is, and that was a first where just standing up the first time after having well prepared was the most important, I can give a lesson to all the club, on how we look to the audience. A lesson I know all will remember as I made it humorous.

Then, I compared the voice projection - I could barely her him - with that at the begining of the speaker who gave just wonderfully his speech number ten as she also was barely audible at her first speeches. I was told I could have found, also I did some more prise, even more. True, I still have long way to go and lots to learn.

And hear better, perhaps too,

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