Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A long "afterdiner entretaining" speech as delivered at Meridiam speakers yesterday
Yes, perhaps the begining is skippable... but it sounds better as voice as I thought

I have also a video version that I will  have put it to the Competent Comuncator blog

Alas, we were not many and many were unsure as to laugh or not, probably someone has to begin it
I do not believe there where no places where it was funny, but perhaps only me...

I found out, whenever I have the smallest uprehansion, even if I learn well, my voice is not too bad either, somehow I use less free body language, less outgoing, and that hurts the delivery of the message. I was in fact afraid not of the audience and not even at the two four letter words that I used twice in the same context, "speak in the audience's language" but afraid or boasting about me, I or myself...

and here is the wonderful evaluation / feedback given to the speech by David Thomson

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