Thursday, April 7, 2011

It would not have been a story

If everything went with no problems today, it would not have been a story.

I have spend half an hour the morning to find the best way to go to my appointment, a testing, old people use of the website and their problems.

As I got to the bus station the problems begun, and I knew it would not be the first, because prpblems arive one after other, as arrive luck too.

The bus 53 arrived and did not stop.

Also the driver had seen me making sign from afar.

Ten minutes later another bus arrived; which did take me on, to the New Cross Rail station, where I was supposed to take the overground. There was a problem on the line and the train arrived with more then 15 or 20 minutes late, but that would not have been the biggerst problem.

It was full and the workers going to their work pushed before me. "No more place" told me a young mideastern looking gentlemen. Please. No! and he pushed against me aven. Finally, near him, an old black nice man made a bit of place so I could get on.

From age 20 till 77 I was not so sqeezed!

But I did survive, and at the next station we even made place for another determined man.

Two more station like this nearer then sardines.

At once, at the Canada water, almost everyone got down and I could even sit.

I got out from the overground to take another bus, who took me, after another long waiting to the station I needed, and a very nice young girl explained me wich direction to take.

As I always start early, finally I arrived 5 minutes before I was due.

Great two hours spend with a researcher or student from York University. And I had a huge pleasure to discover when I look at YouTube at Julie70 I discover on the top not one of my videos but one made for me using some of my autoportraits. Peter was impressed to.

Home in time for a second appointment. This time the train had almost no one, but the bus did not came fast. Then two of them came one after the other.

That is life, all can not go as you would wish.

But here I am having survived the negligent busdriver and the rude man from the train and even being squeezed between people. I do not regret I insisted I want to go up and I will not forget the faces - even if I not have them on my camera of the rude youn gishman nor the nice old man.

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