Saturday, April 16, 2011

Books about Humour

This book written by Logan Murray is the first I found about stahd-up, and promptly decided to go to his curse in May.

Then, I found another book, called The Comic Tool box from John Vorhause, which treats comedy at large, not only its Stand Up part, and has a great description, of what is a story, the bone of any comic or dramatic story in a film a soap or of a storyteller.

The third book, Stand Up Comedy, the Book, by Judy Carter, a storytelling friend lended me and I promtly ordered too, is the oldest one, Judy is one of the firsts Stand Ups in California and teached also in 1994 when she wrote her book.

Books about Humour and Stand-Up Comedy

All in all, of course one has to practice, and I did not yet begun to go out there, but one can learn a lot from books too.

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