Friday, April 22, 2011

Long Hollydays

Long holidays begin today.

The spring is here to last now, and in London even summer time, these days.

I thought how wonderful would be to go away, and I decided to go. Visit London!

A beautiful city, so much to be seen!

This table set to welcome guest was photographed when I spend the last time Eastern in Bucarest.
Happy Eastern
My nighbour invited me and gave me too, five colored eggs, that day, and even a great soup I still remember today, after five years! Smile to someone or offer something theses days, already a smile counts so much!

I found a Hungarian writer Sandor Marai's poem or thoughts about celebrations on youTube.
Translated to English it looks like this.
"When it comes to celebration in your life, celebrate all the way. ...

Put on a black costum. Brosh your hair with humid brosh. Clean yourself inside and outside. 
Forget all that everyday rituala and tasks. The celebration is not only written in red in the calendar.  Look at the old ones, how reverently, with how much awe, how complectly, with all put into it, and with how much joy they did celebrate! 

The celebration is the difference.

The celebration is a deep and magical costume. Let the celebration become a festive holiday. It should have dance, flowers, young women, special foods and drinks to fire up and to forget.

Above all, has in it to be something of the old order, the seventh day, the interruption, complete detachment. The go all the way and the devotionm, too. The celebration ia the order of life, its higher sense. Prepare yourself for it in body and soul.

And not only for those celebrations in the calendar those days with red letters, The life brings other kind of festive occasions to you, unseen ones. In those times forget all, be attentive only to the celebration.

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