Friday, April 1, 2011


There were many professional level speeches yesterday, at the Croydon Communication Contest.

As much between the speakers as the evaluators.

But the one that impressed me the most, was him. He made me the biggest compliment.

He spoke about how my speech, I was so called Target Speaker, about which all evaluators had to speak, through my speech, reversed, again and again his expectation.

That is one new thing I learned in my comedy class. Reversing expectations to make people laught.

Of course, I am not so sure, that is always good, as perhaps I should have from the begining showed this was a funny speech...

But I was so impressed by his words!:

Yes, he is a newcommer, and stilll has to learn, and Vathany has spend hours and hours, days and days to learn how to make the best evaluation, and she was right on spot with it, this time, again, but I do judge all relatif to themself.
Croydon Communicators_0012
After only a few month in the public speaking club, he was wonderful! They all were, each in their roles.

And I can now rest for some time, no more speech for me soon1

But it was good to go back after two years where I have given my first speech and to measure how far I have come in only 24 month!

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