Thursday, March 31, 2011

A thin builing

Near the London bridge station, suddenly appeared this unbelievable thin building.

I was amazed.

I am not sure how it can feel inside. Plus there are windows for sure but it seems more like a huge statue then a building.

Then, one looks again, it is not like a paper thin, as it was my original impression, but an arrow.

Some day, I will return, to study in another light, too.

Of course, very difficult to take in photo, also because it is so hight. Here I took only the top of it.
London bridge-13

 From this photo, one can have a bit of feeling of the hight of it.

I do admire the different daring architectures in London. And yes, they do not clash but somehow integrate with each other.

As people accept me, also I am different...

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