Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comedy School March Pals

With some of my pals from the Comedy School, just before our gig, that finished the stand up class. "Graduation".

I decided to cut the part with is down so not to embarass the guy on right hand side who showed perhaps too much of his back side, but that made us laught and we did had fun.

And yes, in this one even me showed my legs - almost to my knees...

It was a nice event and even if I forgot some of my text, the public did laugh from begining to the end at all I did not forget and told. I did have a great audience contact, at least with this audience.

Should I say "even with this audience" ?

But most were friends and parents of those performing, but not only. The place was full and quite big.

I am so happy my text and performance went well, even if I know that I should have done even better.

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