Friday, March 18, 2011

Connection or not

Often people passes without looking to the other.

From the first time I went out the streets with a camera, in 2004, in Paris 18e arrondissement, I was interested in those pasing and not seeing each other and dreaming also "what if we did stop to look, to speak to know" each other.

The same is true inside our clubs, we are at the same place and we do not speak finally with many. For me discovering new and interesting always human beings is fascinating.

I did not make a 'soul friend' in London since my arrival but I have lots of wonderful and interesting and divers friends of all ages. There are so many fascinating human beings with whom I communicate, who care, who write an email, give me a call or come to my place.

I do not feel alone in London, as I felt lately in Paris, before coming here. That is the most important, more perhaps than the Storytelling opportunity even.

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