Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our life events are like windows and when we think back at them they are themselves yet not to same, as these reflections in the Grand Union Canal near Camden Hight Street of London.

I have other pictures where I took also the windows reflected, which we can do because Space is not like Time.

You can see both the same time, the square windows and the ones deformed by water of the canal and the wind.

One can not be at the same time in the past as we felt and how with time and us having somewhat changed yet the same, in the present. That is why, I now admit the saying "the past changes". Of course, it is not what happened to us or around us that changes but how we perceive now what happened.

With experience, time and, perhaps some wisdom, we discover in what happened new facets and depths. New meanings.
Grand Union Canal in Camden (27)v

And everything is not so black and white, so square and net, as we did believe it at the time.

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