Friday, March 4, 2011

The habit of courage

As I joined this January, my third Toastmaster Club, I received this morning an email confirming my membership.

There were changes on the website of Toastmaster International, so it is only now I had my New Member email.

Of course, when I first joined, I was overwhelmed with all the new material I received, so I did not read or look at many at once, just the first project - now also downloadable from TMI website: The Icebreaker.

I broke the Ice two years ago with a speech called "And the Ice did not break" speaking as Guest Mystery speaker at an Evaluation Contest in Croydon,

Of course, happy that the Ice on Danube when we had to cross it did not break! That speech slowly evolved into the speech delivered in Manchester Townhouse before hundreds, almost two years later.

This cute picture is on the page speaking about the courage, the courage to speak in public. A great advice that is given there is to be "Other centered" while speaking, looking at one member of the audience eye while telling one part, phrase or idea.

As for myself, at the begining I must have done that because I fall in love then with the audience reaction. From time to time the fear comes back, for a minute or more, depending on what I try and whom the audience is. Begining to speak in an environment that expects Humor from me is my latest challenge and suddenly, I feel again as the Superman - as if I had to cross through fire!

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