Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double winner

Chris Howell, won yesterday both the International Speech contest as the Evaluation Contest in our club, demonstrating, again, his mastery of public speaking.

Chris has aleady won many contest in high levels and will go I feel far this time too, carying the banner of the club he founded.

I was very impressed by the second prices, Zhanna with her very humorous speech - repeated so many times home, yes, that pays too; and Zandria for her second price in Evaluation contest.
Inspirational speech_0001
Zhanna speaking this summer

It was for both of them their first contest!

Lewisham Speakers Itnl Contest_Two Guests
Zandria at the last contest where she did not yet participate

All performed well, even me, also I went too long and did not repeat it laud before a private public enough - aie! A good lesson to learn for next time.

Next time will arrive soon, for me. Sunday a repetition for the stand up, so brace yourself my dear son who told in public "my mother can do better and did already" and who was right. Now, I will go and tell my speeches again and again before him and my daughter in law too.

I did not believe about what he said of my quality until I looked at the video he took there yesterday of my speech. OK, even if my contact with the audience was good and it was an Entertaining speech that made also laugh, the quality of it was not up to my usual level outside Toastmasters.

Other then the absence of proper timing in live speech and practice, I have to analyse later the how and why I can improve my storytelling. Yes, I feel we can learn even more from our Mistakes then from our Upps. But I still hope my future three speeches till the end of this Month will be better.

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