Sunday, March 13, 2011

Less then 7 minutes!

I played - worked - with the great free program called Audacity, and Edited my speech of 12 minutes delivered at the Canal Cafe Theatre for the Spark London storytelling event "Mistaken identity" theme.

It is now around 6 minutes and has the essential and the most funny places still in it.

Yes, when I will tell it next time, I will have to give a short link phrase here or there, but in whole it is there. The new title is now Multiple Identities which is in fact more appropriate for the story.

I begun to work on this story as the Recession was at its biggest and many people lost their jobs and had to begin again. Last year, I told it as a Mystery speaker, then twice at different contests where it did not make waves. But from February to November last year I learned a lot about Storytelling and so this version is, in my opinion, a huge improvement.

Perhaps, now, shortened it will be even more effective.

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