Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rue Saint Denis Paris interaction

The photo was taken years ago while I strolled in centre of Paris near what was once the Halles, from where all food went everywhere to Paris.

Now there is a big hole with lots of supermarkets and new fancy clothes, but all around, there are funny things happening.

In Saint Denis street, there are still... women, certain women, but mostly there are different distractions as Music, song, clown acts and so on. And place to walk quietly farther from the circulation. It is no more a 'bad" place so I could stroll along and take candid photos.

Also, I went there also year ago, when the women were there from early morning, when I went to a cloth distributor to make him a program for his new Apple II computer. It was there that I have discovered in 1980 the Personal Computer universe.

And instantly believed in it!

Still do.

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