Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old planes new planes

Bombardment, does not give me a good taste.

Also I am happy that the old French Minister Kushner ideas are now recogniwed, and one can intervene in the Internal affairs of some countries, and of course I would not weep after the Libian regime crumbling down and the crimes of its rules coming open, the planes over the cities and dessert makes me remember the second world war.

What I found striking is the conflict of terms.

The UN voted a no fly zone resolution, and then, suddenly, French war planes flew over Libia - I feel they should have called by another name whatever resolution they did vote.

Flying to a no fly zone seems funny to me, even if there is nothing funny in what is happening there.

On the other hand, the BBC continues to call those inside who do want something new Rebels, it does not seem logical to me that either, What they want? I never heard either.

Alas what the TV is showing is one part of populaton fighting against other, it is probably different but hose images never arrive to us,

So now, 'our plances' fly over a no fly zone,

Yes, there is humor on how the Teli presents the news. Also of course, I was delighted to see so many different heads of nations going to Paris and Sarkozi's decided action,

I hope the civilians children women old will not suffer, whatever tribe they are from. But how can you know from above the sky while one flies so fast. if a tank is in 'good or bad' hands?

I am ill. but tomorow I will go to my last class, at least to listen if not speak and hope till Friday I can cure myself and be on my feet again.

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