Monday, March 7, 2011

Comedy School Collegues

Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For the first time, our comedy performance went well - for most of us, and even for me!

Here is Sue, a writer. She has five books about Flirting! And also a long publishing career. She came to London because she found here a great boyfriend.

What an interesting and full of live personality!

I did not prepare any act last week, but though a lot about what I could say. My left knee hurt a lot and that is how I begun my 'gig'. Then continued asking in the 'their' language \what the shit I am doing at age 77 to Stand up, when my legs barely let me stand up." And so on.

They genuinely laughed!

With me, not at me, too. From the beginning to the end almost all found its place and somehow its humour.

I really believed only yesterday morning, as I also told them, that I have not one humorous bone in me, but it seems the magic of reaching out to the audience, once I begun to understand them a bit more worked again.
Comedy School Collegues
anther college whose tongue is not like this - usually
Then I had to rush to the rehearsal for tonight's performance of storytelling. No humour there, in my great grandmother's tale but they really liked it. I succeeded to make them 'see it' and 'live in it'. Also I have to be more careful about Me and Her and also so no one confuses her with my grandmother.

Great grandmother Paula was quite a character and I barely am able to put some of her tales, my favourite ones in that spectacle, tonight.

Coming home the sun was setting on the canal near Little Venice, but I like this even better, taken just before the rehearsal.
Sundown near Little Venice

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