Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The ultimate offence

A very interesting rehearsal yesterday, and a good time listening to them.

Four together building a spectacle comic, three different men and a young smart looking woman caricaturist. Young, old and black man for "diversity" and friendship around the elegant drawing young woman. Each in its role and interacting with each other.

The impresario organizing it all, the scientist making us sniff each other, the immigrant reading his "role", all well thought. Meanwhile, the caricaturist draws the faces of one from the audience asked to go on stage then reveals the rest, already drawn, ready.

Some were funny, other recognizable, and all went well, until they asked ME to come on stage.

I went, without suspecting what will happen.

I did seem so awful to the caricaturist, that she put on the paper the face of another from the audience while looking as if she make a caricature of my face!

The body was slim. Well, I told myself, I have been in my youth... and it was prepared in advance. But the face! That great open smile may be me, but that broad nose? Mine is sharp and long!

"One wants to flatter the audience not offence it", told me one of them.

The ultimate offence! Not daring even to offence me by drawing what she has seen, I told myself.

Until this morning, that is.

I took a second look at a photo taken by me this Saturday while I was giving a Table Topic speech in the Library: my nose does not look any more long but wide and flattened! Indeed...

How come I did not see that change on my face?

Facebook indeed, now it took a caricaturist to show me the change not age but weight put on me and on my face!

How come a mirror could not have shown me that?

We do not see what our eyes tell us or they do not tell us what we do, indeed see.

I did regret my too narrow too long nose, now without going to the doctor I got a flat wide one.

I had to go to a comic show to show me that.

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