Saturday, March 5, 2011

When photography becomes ART
The Wizards convene, by "Algo"

He is English, from The Chiltern Hills, view photostream,
but I did not (yet) meet him.

In person, that is.

He tells me, through comments and emails that he is even older then me.

How can I believe it?

Alex's photography is wonderful and more of Art of showing how one can see, what one can show then 'objective' photo.

This was an 'irresistible tulip on the windowshell in the sun" he tells us. But what he did with it!

Then see this one, as he goes out in the fog.

Two  Tree Fog

Fog all the way and the mist is taken here also to the extreme.

And it works!

What a lesson for me!

Winter Sunset
That was the third I have looked, telling myself that I have seen other sunsets, already, I even tried to take some on the river Thames.

But here again, he stunned me.

Am I right: Alex's (ALGO on Flickr) photography is ART and thus no more photography. Go to admire more of it on his website ALGO


  1. Oh! Julie -- I am so honoured by your kind words. I've never regarded myself as artistic (living in such an artistic family) and I've seen myself as a very amateur photographer, enjoying playing with cameras.

    I only showed my family photos before I joined Flickr, where I enjoyed sharing them and getting encouraging comments. It motivated me to play around more with cameras.

    We joined Flickr at about the same time, and I've always looked out for your wonderful recording of your world through so many great photos, and your brilliant efforts to make Flickr a better place through the terrific groups you have created and inspired.

  2. thanks a lot - I do not know your "Artist family" but what you do is ART and so many of us on flickr recognize it like that!