Monday, March 28, 2011

Comedy School final

Preparing the place at the Pirate Castle, near the Grand Union Castle and Camden High street. Lots of places and all full towards seven and half - also finally the startup was only at 7 45.

It did last long!

Also, we had some hecklers, toward the end of first half, that helped me see also how the compeer handled them. They did not disturb us, "comedy virgins", only the experienced Stand Up Comedian.

He had a lot of patience with them, also at the end, he did invite them to continue their discussions outside. And let us continue the performance for the end of the class.

I was very happy to realise, that also I did forget some of my prepared material, I did my 5 minutes, by using what the compeer has said at the beginning and what happened the morning. Linking all together.

How much my experience at Toastmasters Clubs, and with Spark London helped me!

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