Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have it your way?

Easy to say it, not so easy to realise it.

Firstly, which or what IS our way? Not easy to be sure of.

Not when it is about a hamburger, even less when it is about a speech or a story: a message to get out there.

There are too many choices.

One can not get out any of them well unless we know, as in the project three of the Toastmaster's Manual the Point. Others call it, even more appropriately the Most Important Point. Because in real, in a story we would like to put so many.

The good news is, when you are a story TELLER and not Writer, you can change it with time and even each telling. Depending of to whom you tell, depending on the occasion and depending of your own mood.

It is still the same story, yet it is not.

Changing it just slightly, it can shift and bring out something new.

This morning; reading the Script of King's Speech, I realised some main reasons of its success was not about Stammerers or Kings, but about Resistance and final courage in face of Adversity. About what we do when we really have to.

That is finally my story too for tomorrow: about coping and finding new facets and talents in me I did not know I had. Each of us can find more in himself when really needed. That is my MIP, this time.

Weather I can do it with humour or not, it is less important. Showing how a story is more powerful then a speech - I gave one about the same experience of changing profession last year - is also important for me. I am a VP of Education, am I not? Education is not just "programming meetings"!

So I tell myself, do not worry. It is easy to tell, less easy to realise it, even when I do not want to outshine the members of my club who are competing. It is also an occasion to give, if I succeed, an Entertaining Humorous Speech, one step more for my Manual Projects.

I had the experience, alas, then sometimes when I got laugh with one audience, I can get just silence with the other. Perhaps, I did not tell it just the same, but also the mood of the audience was different. So I will try to expect less, in the hope still to get more.

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