Thursday, March 3, 2011

Woolfson&tay Life Stories Cafe

This is the second time that the True Storytelling Event takes place at the life stories cafe of the Woolfson&tay bookshop/cafe/gallery. The first was held on a snowy December day, and I did not dare to put my foot outside.

This time, the theme will be about Time.

Each of us, storytellers, will interpret it in her or his own way. Each using 20 pictures in 10 minutes.

One of us, "did time" in jail. I'll speak about time that stops or flows away, time that lingers in mind, longtime after is finished.

But before, a story in Family theme about the mother of my grandmother (mother of mother) that I also tell sometimes to my grand daughter. Paula 92 when I was 12, like now my grand daughter, had a great influence on my life.

Each time I got into trouble or something bad happens to me, I ask myself, remembering what she taught me "what good can / would come from this?

True, sometimes it takes long for me to be able to realise, but it always does!

It could be also a combination of fate, but also because I never give up and loose faith that something good is lurknig somehow around the corner, even if I am not able to see it now.

I could give so many exemples!

But those are another story, again.

Should I use it as my speech for the Lewisham Toastmasters Contest?

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