Friday, March 25, 2011

Presentation at Bermoundsay Square

The presentation of my story with these 20 photos in ten minutes went very well.

I got my message accross and the audience of about 30 was entretained and laughing.

I told them of Edith who bullied when we were 13 and how I learned to stick and not run away. Then, we because friends again toward the age of 20. Then, the public laughed, when I told them, "but after three years, Edith did not stole this time my brush, she stole my boyfriend!"

I still find strange the parts where the audience laugh!

Alas, also I did bring with me a recorder, again, I forgot to put it on before my performance. I was the first, it was not so easy to follow. Most of the speakers, do need Toastmasters Clubs instruction. Learn about eye contact, having a point, having voice variety and using body language.

I learned how I can combine images with storytelling. And was assured, that I can do it.

Let us see now, what I can do tonight... in the Pirate's Den near the canal in Camden.

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