Monday, March 21, 2011

Camdent Blue Guitars

Even the guitars are coloured to add something "more" to Camden's Market offering"s.

So much colour and mood and so much to discover yet.

I was one at the Camden Town underground and near it; but it was a cold and rainy day four years ago and I did not go farther to discover it, that time I was looking for a place to live.

The only street I have discovered where the ones with strip joints on them that this time I did not see.

Yesterday, of course it was Sunday, there were mainly buyers and strollers; tourists. So many of them! And some very colourful people too. I have looked at them but taken few of the photos of them as they all moved quite fast.

Here is one of them, taken as he came through the shop with the coloured guitars.
Camdent High Street (10)
I hid behind a column waiting that he comes nearer.

It is not possible always to ask.

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