Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to Little Venice

The Canal Cafe Theatre is across a bridge, looking at one side at little Venice of London.

The theme this evening was Family.

Joanna from Spark London found a variety of people and subjects around that main theme. From a grand mother in America, a wife from Iraq, a family member in Leeds, a great great mother, Paula, from Transylvania, a wicked stepmother in London, and so on, the public heard a variety of tales.

Not so happy with my tales who suffered a bit from making it shorter, but it also gained a comic effect, completely unexpected - again - by me. Speaking from Paula's voice "and then, my husband managed the distillery and I had seven children." interesting juxtaposition, also I am not even now completely clear what this phrase that summarised what happened next (until her husband died) brings in the mind. It did bring a huge laughter.

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