Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bois de Boulogne 1 March 2008

1st March is always a special day for me.

I remember all those days and the sunny warm Bucarest, when no one offered me what is called there 'Martisor' and then a day, when someone did.

A combination of Valentine day perhaps with supperstition and fear of the spring arriving and enchanting and... who knows what doing.

And yes, it was also a springtime as I was approaching already my 25th year that it attracted me to a forest near a lake and in an embrace and then, next Sunday to a small room. He was nice and sunbirned and strong - at the end, he become my childrens father.

But that happened later in the years. Two years later I was married and my daughter arrived as I was 28 and my son as I got to 32. Then much of the charm fall appart between us. Was it the falt of the spring?

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