Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dracula near London Bridge

Visit again, at the London bridge speakers club, and entertained them with part of my Dracula speech.

They liked it, laughed at it, but I knew not even half of what I wanted was said.

Analysing myself, the biggest problem was not even the time, yes, I had material for three times more, but that the truth came in, deranging the story.

I told, in a engaging and entertaining way, the truth, instead of telling a story... I am always better in fact when I waive the truth or point into the cloth of a story.

I did not do it this time.

So, now, as I have lots lots of material, I do not have to eliminate it, just decide what my point is, and make a story. A story with conflict and its resolution.

It is beautiful at night near the London Bridge station, but I was too tired to use it and go until the river.
London bridge-43
All those colours and illuminations and buildings!

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