Saturday, June 4, 2011


To West India Docks AbstractYes, I have always thought of Abstract painting, like something that any child could do, or not. Far from art, just playing with colors, forms and then selling it to whoever wanted to see something from it.

No real idea, what it is.

But as a great photographer lady from Japan was ready to give a month class in my group Afterclass, a Masterclass on Abstract photography, I was all for it.

During the five years, 12 different themes a year, I learned so much trying to learn from the animators of different month!

Yes, I am ready to experiement and try to understand now something new to me, go on adventure, photo adventure. Taking directly "abstract photos" where one can not know what object is on it, or taking parts of non abstract photos, details, playing with filters and transforming, until one think "something" come out of it. Experimenting.

I also experiment in storytelling, but for photography the experimentation seems more easy, as it is mostly visual and does not need the audience confirmation. But perhaps also it has a visual audience, who likes or not somethimes different strange things, pictures.

The important, in fact, is in both cases to feel alive.

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