Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paris 6e Bookshop Gilbert Jeune

Early 2007 I did not know what to do with my life. I gave then myself a challenge.

Visit all Paris 20 arrondissments, one by one. Not like a tourist, as someone wanting to discover and show her flickr friends parts not so well known of the city.

I took a map, looked at some streets, most time where in my years of stay have not been, and took bus then train and underground - metro - to arrive there.

As I was not so young, but perhaps the young get also tired sometimes, I did go from my point of departure, wherever my eyes and my feelings beaconed. For two hours, rarely three.

Of course, as it took about an hour to arrive there, and go back home, it was almost a day's adventure in all.

Then hours and hours, days, of viewing the pictures taken, snapshots, portraits, slices of life, correct them and decide which I put on Flickr and which I put on front.

Slowly, even if not in the order from 1 to 20, I did visit all of them. Or at least, a few streets and places from all.

Yesterday, I decided to take one, less known picture of each arrondissement sets, improve it, change it a bit with the Picnik software available on Flickr, So far, I arrived at ten, other ten will follow.

So many pictures still waiting to be discovered, rediscovered, savoured.
Paris 4e-037 version Picnik

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