Monday, June 27, 2011

Camden summer dream

Wonderful and meaningful afternoon in Camden with Impro group of Logan Murray at the Stables Market.

Very hight level performers, we were 15, accepted me between them as one of them, even telling me that I have funny bones and comic in me.

Going there and coming back through Camden High Street this rocking chair on the 3rd floor of q building - they sell furniture - stopped me, as also lots of other sights.

Only a few photos of the chair, from different angles; from the 120 others I took yesterday in Camden.
Now, I have to rehearse the last Manual Speech for my Toastmaster Communication Gold. Not easy, read or recite a Monodrama, taken from a book or theatre piece. Read, of course, in my case. I begun this Interpretative Reading 9 and half month ago, the longest it took me to finish one. I have put it aside, took and finished others then, now back to it.

I suddenly regret I finished my forty manual speeches (one educational seminar yet to go - but I can now begin all again! And I will.

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