Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Canal Cafe Theatre

Does it work now?

Surprise, surprise, it does!

It is never too much to try again and again and again, then, suddenly, it works.

I can now, again, send pictures from Flickr to Blogger.

But that works also for telling stories. I tried one way, yesterday, and yes, I succeeded to put some humour in the tale of how 6 year of work was destroyed, suddenly, and how I got out of the depression of it, but that tale can be told in so many ways. Next time, I will try another way, another opening, another spin.

Not less humour, but also more feeling of the dramatic part.

Yes, I succeeded to hurt me less now, by preparing the tale, but now I have to put back the hurt I felt when it happened while I tell. I is always great to have someone present who tells you his opinion, and helps you progress!

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