Saturday, June 11, 2011

My son

I always knew that my son is talented.

I always knew that he is hard working, passionate in all he does. And a very good son, too.

When he was a teenager, some doubted he will go far, he had gaps, changed countries, navigated between languages. Looking for his way.

He did find his way, his passion, in Ergonomics. Making things, on the web or programs people needed day by day, easier to use.

He put all his passion and many years, to convince all programmers, menagers, and all the others around him to improve the way the end user will see and feel new developments, making their life easier not more complicated.

Not only could he show and make a prototype to show what he meant, but he followed, cajoled, convinced, as well having a longtime vision as the eye for the small details that count.

Now, after 12 years at the same place, some politics got into his way, probably jealous of his performance.

He has got 36 recommendations on Linkedin, of those who worked with him, in his team, in collaboration or were his leaders at some time.

Reading those recommendations on LinkedIn I am stunned. And really impressed.

Of course, I tell myself: I was right from the begining to believe in him. But as I realise, how much the others value him, I also tell myself, well done, Julie, to have made such a wonderful human being!

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