Sunday, June 12, 2011

Looking out

Looking out of my window, suddenly, I see something strange, in another window.

It is a strange deformed reflection, even more interesting, as on the Flickr Afterclass, photography Masterclass group, now, Tanakawho teaches us Abstract photography.

What I see in the middle looks like Abstract, bizarre to me.

From my window, those buildings are far away, and I had to take only part of the image the camera has taken to show it like this. One can go even nearer, I did, and show only one window and what is in it, making it really "abstract".

Surrounded by other illuminated parts of other buildings and the tree in foreground, I like this the best.

I just read also, that a 'gag' in itself has not enough, it has to be surrounded with others to make a construction, a monologue, with peaks and valleys. That is how I felt from the beginning, making a monologue where somehow one thing, idea or gag, follows the other in some order that seems logic.

From each new book about comedy, weather about its delivery or writing, I learn something, or at least, understand it better. Deeper.

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