Thursday, June 9, 2011


Everyone cannot be happy all the time.

Here I tryed to cach more he shadow, and I did many pictures of the window, but once or twice I also took one where more of her is in.

Yesterday, great evening for me.

I delivered a Stand Up routine in one of my prefered clubs in centre London. Teey laughed and laughed, the routines, gags or jokes or comic stories I have written work.

Even if after, somne complained about my use of '4 letter words'. Yes, my stand up will not be "clean'

I enjoy at 77 choauing the audience.

From then on, they understand they can laugh with me and that I feel as 'one of them". One joke or punch is based on the other, linked, and so if I pulled out one, all or almost would collapse.

I was so happy it worked!

Women, who have children, grown children, loved my routine even more. It said something to them, beside the laugher. As all stand up should.

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