Friday, June 3, 2011

A link is broken

Inside Coroners Courtroom-2When a link is broken, between two, each one could be the cause.

At same times, I will find out, weather it is Flickr or Blogger who broke the automatic link I had between them.

I said "for seven years now" but in fact it was automatic only for a few years, before I had to choose, copy and paste the picture from one to other. So what? I went back to do it, again.

This is the courtroom, and the place from where I gave testimony yesterday. It was a useful, if not agreeable time, to reflect and put in perspective my recent problems.

Of course, I believed I had nothing interesting to say, but probably, they were interested in me saying, that I did not see people lingering around, and that helped a bit to establish that the middle aged mentally ill woman - for 25 years living on medicine to help her - did take her own life and no one else made the fire that killed her.

I still find it terrible to think out a death like that, put gas in a garage and put it on fire, being inside with closed door... but apparently, years ago she tried other methods that did not work for her. Listening, I was upset. She had so much she could have done and be happy about;

Afterthought, it did put things in perspective for me.

And here I am full of energy and plans and ideas, again. Yes, there is life after 70! as the title of my french blog says, now for 7 years already. I will not change every year, its title, now to 77 for exemple, perhaps as I arrive at 80, if all goes well.

It could be that my energy and passion is from the knowledge that time shortens for me, now, but in fact, I was always like this.

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