Monday, June 6, 2011

Canal Cafe Theatre-14Tomorrow, Crossroads, at 7 30, at the Canal Cafe Theatre, near Little Venice in London. True storytelling theme of Spark London.

Yesterday, the rehersal went well, also only four of us from six were present, I was very impressed by one of the storyteller's emotion as she was telling, and sometimes, even reading. She was able to convey with such a feeling!

And yes, often general things that happened to me, too, also longtime ago. They still echo in me.

It is fascinating to listen to the diversity, and also to see tomorrow the difference. In my experience, when the public is there and react, we all do even a lot better. a

I found during the rehearsal, new movements to show what I will be telling, rendering stronger and, if possible funnier the dramatic moments.

Johanna told me, she liked that I moved less. I did move left and right before, because of the strong light in my eyes bothered me. Stand Up comedy, got me used to light in the eyes, and now, very soon, after I begin telling my story, I forget all about it.

They are for sure other benefits of the Stand Up class, that will come out in the light after a while.

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