Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meridian president from tonight

Meridian speakers will have a new president, James Green, from tonight. As you see, he always looks to the others, listens.

In fact, he begun to be president a month or two before, as the old let himself be 'shadowed' and even most time did not came any more to the meetings.

James will preside tonight again, as replacement, but from July he will take on, the role for a year.

Tonight, as it happens often in any club, but even more with the lots of new members, someone decided last minute not to speak and I did volunteer to do so.

It is wonderful, even if somehow I regret it already, the last Manual speech for my Toastmaster cycle.

Now, I can of course, begin all anew, but I arrived to the 'top' of one cycle. At least, with the speeches. There have been a wonderful journey and learning, with six different Manuals after the first basic one,

Speaking to inform.
Speciality speeches.
Entertaining speech.
Humorous speech.
Int, Reading..

This last was the most difficult one for me, and I begun it before others to finish it only now, after ten month, and the Humorous one was easy only after having made the Stand Up workshops, before, I fought with it. Did not understand it well.

Now, back to square one, and again the Competent Communicator Manual, the basics that now I understand better.

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