Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Books for Public Speaking

If I just wanted to show how many books I read or studied to improve my Public Speaking skills, to understand more about it, this picture is not bad, but it does not show really what books I read this last weeks.

Probably, I'll have to read them again.

I tried to absorb them so fast!

Tomorrow, I'll speak about the Power of Pause in a Speech. Perhaps I should also make a Pause in reading on this new passion of mine: I can not do it! For the moment I read and read.

Yes, I do pause.

I pause to look and listen to famous speeches, on the Website, on YouTube and Ted.com. Then, I ponder. But I do understand better why and how a speech becomes more important, because all I have read, and the bit I did absorb before, so they do complement each other.

Weather or not I'll be able to apply some of it, in another matter.

Research on Public Speaking-2
This image does show better what I do read, and re-read again. I'll try soon to summarize what is the most important I did learn from each, but first, I have to Pause. Let it absorb.


  1. That's an impressive stack of books. Do you know yet which ones you've found most useful for things to think about?

  2. What is left out is equally important as what's been said.