Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A year ago

I come to this apartment a year ago, and this is how they looked then. Now, I put them in a corner, with a small table and the telephone between them, on two different walls.

As I enter in my second year in London, and in my place it does become more and more "mine" and I feel more "at home".

Each place has its usage.

One of the sofas let's me see the sun rising.

The other sofa, is my place to read and watch TV with different light. And sometimes, I even eat there instead of the table or the kitchen. I work sometimes with my computer facing the sun rise, or the tree that is blown by the wind, like this morning, other times, in my room where I have all installed, printer, side disk, etc. and a bug nice chair.

If I feel really tired or lazy, I read in my bed where I have also good light, sitting up with lots of pillows behind me. Looking out at the sun going down and the clouds gathering and moving, and ignoring the huge house somewhere also not so far.

Yesterday afternoon, I set there, tired, before I went to the Toastmasters and delighted in the forms the clouds formed and how fast they come and went. The life also comes and goes, we just to grab the moment as much as we can.

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