Friday, August 14, 2009

Phillip Khan-Panni at Toastmasters

Phillip had begun to speak at age 12 and before he joined Bromley Communicators Toastmasters, he had already a long career of speaking and coaching behind him. Yesterday, he came to Creydon Communicators and delivered us a long speech with a pause between the two parts.

His main message, while he explained us how to prepare a better speech and delivery, is not only to care for the audience (what they want) but determine what is your unique talent, your "plus" that no one has. "Niche" in French, of course.

Your force.

Here is a short video from his website.

As I looked at him, and took some pictures before he spoke, even him, who did obtain the second place world wide in one of years contest, is still a bit anxious speaking, even before a small audience. But of course, once he begins, he is all in it.

Watching him yesterday was as a good teaching experience as listening. And also how he reacted with half of audience coming in once he was already speaking.

And also, him telling me that my message is not good enough as I formulated it "what is in for the audience?" he asked me. As furious as was at the moment, as right he was. His conference made me think more. Better perhaps at what is "only me", and what is the message that I want to deliver.

And of course, what the listeners can gain from it. By listening, and even more, doing what I'd like them to do. Until now, other then have more courage, I did not have a "persuasive goal" but I can try my hand on it, can I not?

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